First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


My name is Michele Kelly. There really isn’t much to know about me. I am a social marketer with a health and wellness comany, I also am a Tupperware Consultant and do reviews for company’s but want to keep this off my blogs on here so I deleted all those. I do not have any kids other than my four legged baby girl Bailey. To pass my time some of my many hobbies include: baking, reading, nature and outdoors, venturing and taking pictures, spending time with my Bailey girl, hanging with friends, movies and now blogging.


Age 14 till a lil after meeting Jim

At the age of 14, I started working my first job as a housekeeper at Trappers Inn in Belfield, ND. I worked there my first two years of employment then the summer of age 16 I decided to try something different and worked that summer and throughout my junior school year as a prep cook at Trappers Kettle Restaurant. At age 15 I did ask my grandma if I could live with her due to personal reasons and conditions on my Fathers farm being bad again.

My senior year is when my English teacher asked me to come work for her! So senior year I was a waitress/dishwasher at the best steak house in North Dakota. Too bad she is no longer open. I enjoyed working all my senior year and the summer after my senior year at Georgia & The Owl in Amidon, ND!

August of 2005 I stayed with my sister till my apartment opened up. My first cousin who is more like a sister lived with me in my first apartment for a year. We lasted till I met my best friend Heather and was at her house most of the time it just seemed logical I moved in. We lived together for about 8 months when she decided to start selling marijuana I was okay with the use but not being a dealer which caused us to start fighting and eventually I decided it was for best since bills were tight to move home and live with my mom.

At age 19 while living with my mom I met my man Jim. At that time my mom and I got into a fight for other reasons and kicked me out so I moved to Belfield and helped take care of my grandma till she got out into a nursing home! I lived with my cousin Theresa with the family she lived with shortly after my grandma was put into a nursing home. I only lived there a few months till for personal reasons again I begged my mom to let me move back in when she seen some things I was dealing with! Shortly after this I moved in with Jim in our first apartment together in Meadow apartments. By age 21 we were married after we moved to Montana. But I’m going to leave the whole rest of my story with my life with him for a complete story itself starting from day 1.

Let’s view my life till 14

My life began at 8:42am on February 22, 1987. My parents raised me on a farm 11 1/2 miles north and 3 1/2 miles west of Belfield together. I am youngest of 4 girls Lisa was 14, Suzanne 10, and Lou 4 years of age when I was born.

Lisa was with child and married at young age. Suzanne was placed in foster home at age 16 I believe. At age 2 my mom left the farm running away, only way to leave the situation. And they divorced by 3.

Around 6 my mom got joint custody of us (sister Lou and I, two youngest) meaning school years we were with dad and every other weekend and holiday with Mom and in summer opposite. At age 12 1/2 I and my sister Lou were placed in foster care ourselves due to the living conditions on fathers farm which have not improved much over the years after the quick fix up in order for me to have option to go back and leave foster home and my sister with one of high school left in foster care in Regent, North Dakota. Shortly after my sister Suzanne’s wedding at age 13 1/2 for me.

Plan to blog more

I really want people to hear my story so I truely intend to blog more. No more review blogs and more on me and what makes me the unique human I struggle to appreciate and love. I will also let you get into my head on thoughts I have on different subjects that I really connect to or just feel I should share with the world. I will not worry bout being judged for my thoughts and emotions and accept all amd any comments provided to me, for good or bad it all helps us to improve and get better. Be the best us we can truely be. I may even share a lot of my self help products I use like apps, books, others blogs, Facebook groups etc! I hope you all join me on my journey! Till next time all my love, Chele!

Alone time

So week one of me being home alone without the man was terrible. I was so depressed I couldn’t get pass how much I missed him and all I wanted to do was sleep which is mostly what I did do. I still have six more weeks to get through only seeing him Friday afternoon til Sunday evenings. Yes he is only 90 miles away in Bismarck for training for work and we text nightly do to lack of privacy with him having a roommate to share hotel room. I am looking forward to hopefully getting an Iphone like his soon so we can facetime. But now that he has been home one weekend I have been able to do lots of talking and now I feel strong enough to beat the depression and stay up and do things, things get stuff done and keep busy and productive. I am going into week two with much better spirits feeling much happier bout him having to leave for training so here is to hoping week two is better and a more successful attempt at independence and breaking away from my depression.

Feelings and opening up

So I am told a lot I need to open up about my feelings but its hard to open up about my feelings when I feel my feelings don’t matter. Every time I feel things are getting better I am getting better I find out I am wrong and I am getting no where and have no improvements and it sucks because I deal with a lot of stuff physically and emotionally to get to where I am today which is apparently the same place I was 10 years ago well 8 when I started being this person I am. Plus it is really hard to move forward and improve thyself when one is always being haunted and reminded of their past and all things that make me the way I am today that I am trying not to be. I am never promised safety, security or a brighter future and feel I will never have any of this in my life.